With bestselling author John Williams and literary agent Jacq Burns, starting February 2018


Your 6-figure book strategy

With our input one-to-one in the small group, you'll finally nail your killer idea - and you'll write enough chapters so that you can send it off to a publisher. In fact if you write 250 words a day you can get your entire first draft done & dusted!

A good proposal is your key to a book deal with a major publisher and you'll have expert input on yours from a bestselling author and a literary agent PLUS you'll get to pitch your idea in person to a commissioning editor at our final meeting.

Your bestseller idea - nailed

Your bestseller marketing plan

Even if you have a book deal with a major publisher you still need to market your book. Start early using the strategies we'll show you and you can have a massive impact on your own book's success.

Your book proposal and a practice pitch to a publisher

A bestselling book can launch a 6-figure business off the back of it from scratch or if you're already working for yourself, it can multiply your results. We'll teach you the strategies that make this possible for you.

You dream of writing a successful book and experiencing everything you know that can bring you - respect, admiration, the opportunity to see your ideas impact people's lives and the status that affords you.

BUT... you know the risk that if you do it all alone, without guidance and input from experts on the inside of the book business, you stand the very real chance of investing months of your time only to produce a book that never gets read by the people you want it to reach - and which fails to bring you the rewards you wanted.



Jacq was commissioning editor at Random House & Editorial Director at Harper Collins where she edited classics such as Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus, Who Moved My Cheese, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Toddler Taming - several of which have sold millions of copies. 

She is author of several successful books and has ghostwritten a number of well-known titles. Jacq is also co-founder of the The London Writers Club.


John Williams

Jacq Burns

John is author of the bestselling books Screw Work Let's Play and Screw Work Break Free, now translated into ten languages. He is also founder of The Ideas Lab and has helped thousands of people to turn their ideas and knowledge into successful books and businesses. 

His work has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Times, The FT, The Daily Mail, Marketing Week, Elle Magazine and many other publications.

Becoming "The author of..." changes everything

If you work for yourself (or you want to do so) a successful book opens up a world of opportunities - clients and customers come to you instead of you having to go hunt for them. And what's more, they already know, like and trust you because they've read your book. 

Now you no longer have to compete on price because people will pay more to hire the author of the book they love.

Your book brings thousands of people to your website and - when you follow our instructions in the mentorship - they will join your email list, eager to hear more from you.

You will also get invited to give keynote speeches, appear on radio, TV and podcasts, give interviews for newspapers and magazines and get invited to all sorts of opportunities you can barely imagine right now.

Your book becomes a 24-hour marketing engine spreading your ideas and your brand and building good will with future clients, customers and partners.

Isn't it time you got the input you need to write a successful book?



The Bestseller Mentorship is led by Jacq Burns and John Williams over a period of 6 months, starting in February. There are a maximum of 12 places available and we are filling up fast!

The programme includes:

  • 6 in-person workshops in London* that run from 11am-5pm. In each workshop there will be exercises, a tutorial on a key aspect of becoming an authorpreneur, and one-to-one input on your writing.
  • Topics covered in the workshop include: finding your unique voice, finding the central idea or meme that differentiates your book from everything else out there (and getting that killer title to capture it), how to your market your book, and how to use the book to promote what you do, raise your profile, and bring a flood of new opportunities your way.
  • For one of the sessions we will invite a commissioning editor so you can understand how a publisher really thinks. And in the final workshop we will invite in a literary agent and you will have a chance to practice your book pitch and get feedback.
  • 6 intensive one-to-one consultations on your book, your marketing, and your strategy to make money from the book. Each month you can choose whether to have your consultation with Jacq or John, depending on what your focus is that month.
  • Membership of London Writers Club including attendance at the London talks.
  • Participation in John's Impact Mastermind group giving you an additional opportunity to pose questions about your book, business and marketing and get answers direct from John in monthly group mastermind calls.
  • An initial read & review of your book idea and a sample of writing prior to starting the mentorship.
  • Our book proposal blueprint that explains each element of a book proposal for you to include in your own.

At the end of the 6 months, you'll have your killer book idea, a great title, a proposal that's had expert input. three solid chapters ready to submit, a practiced pitch, the knowhow to get an agent, and - if you've written 250 words a day - even a complete first draft. Plus you'll have a plan to market your book, and a strategy to reap the enormous business benefits possible with a successful book.

*Note: If you are not in London but would dearly like to take part, please apply and we will see if there is something we canna do to accommodate you.

Places are by application only. Please click here to apply and we will explain more about the mentorship, take your questions and detail the pricing options.

Jacq gave me the focus, the motivation and the expertise to complete the job. With her help you increase your chances of winning ten-fold. I was delighted to earn over £20,000 from my book before it was launched!" – Tom Isaacs.


"Doing John's programme gave me ​both a ​deadline and the encouragement​ I needed to get the first version of the Gateway Women website live and book my first public talk​, despite my incredible nerves!​ There's been no looking back since then ​- it seems I'm the founder of what looks like a ​new social ​move​ment!​ I often recommend ​John's books and programmes to others. Thanks​ for helping me to help so many other women." – Jody Day, author of the #1 bestseller "Living the life unexpected"

"I absolutely love working with you on this, Jacq – firstly and rather obviously because you have been very encouraging (big thank you!!) -  but secondly because this kind of thinking and commentary from another (and highly experienced) viewpoint and a second pair of eyes is not just fantastically valuable feedback, it is highly inspirational." - Alan


While comparable experts charge £10,000 to provide less support, we have priced The Bestseller Mentorship with these two expert guides at a more affordable £4970.


Join this first ever Bestseller Mentorship and save £2000 making your tuition just £2475+VAT

  • Your book idea to set the world alight and make a name for yourself in your subject area.... NAILED!
  • Your irresitible book title & subtitle... NAILED!
  • At least three chapters of your book... DONE & DUSTED with our expert input
  • Your deal-winning proposal... READY TO SEND to agents & publishers - with input from Jacq, me, a commisioning editor and a guest literary agent
  • Your simple marketing plan to ensure your book hits the bestseller list... READY!
  • Your plan to bring a flood of readers to your website to build your following on automatic... SORTED!
  • Your plan to offer consulting/advice/courses that your readers will be happy to pay a good price for... NAILED!